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The interior of Puffin 37 ‘De Haaks’ is finished.

Haaks met interieur

It’s getting better and better all the time! Most components of ‘De Haaks’ interior are ready to be mounted. Just a little more patience and we can introduce the end result of the first Puffin 2.0 in composite to the world!

Puffin 37 ‘ De Haaks’ back from paintshop.

puffin 37 HAAKS composiet

Puffin 37 ‘De Haaks’ is back from the paintshop. Final phase has officially begun. During the months to come the interior will be finalized and the rig put on.Keep an eye on the website to follow the progression. Interested in a Puffin for yourself? Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be at your service for all questions!

The first Puffin built in composite is a fact.

Puffin in composiet HAAKS

After the built of 52 Puffins in different sizes, the Puffin 2.0 version is under construction at VMG Yachtbuilders now. All experiences and developments through the years have been put into the revised Puffin concept: Ligther, stronger and faster.
This Particular Puffin 37 is built of Corecell composite. The interior is prefabricated in a mould at the same time. VMG’s in house CNC system combined with the OvM experience enables to built even a 37′ fully customized to the clients demands, in a short time and for a competative price. Obviously still with the high Puffin yachts quality.

PonPon-Sen delivered by VMG Yachtbuilders.

PonPon-Sen VMG yachtbuilders

It always feels good to show the result of a job well done! PonPon-Sen is a Puffin 42 built by VMG Yachtbuilders. The boat is designed by Olivier van Meer is a semi custom product. This means the concept is standard, but the main part of equipment, layout and choice of materials id done in close collaboration with the owner. For more information, feel free to contact VMG Yachtbuilders!